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Use of Content

The parts of these pages concerning diseases, disabilites, and various conditions do not contain complete medical information and are created as an addition rather than as a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and assessing skills of the medical staff that takes care of the patient or as a recommendation for any particular treatment program. No patient should use the information contained on this website to diagnose or treat a health problem or illness without consultating with qualified medical personnel.

We do not take any responsibility for the manner in which you may use the information from our site. You should always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any treatment, as well as if you have any questions, doubts or you want to find out more about your medical issue.

Our advice is not a substitute for professional medical advice and it can not be considered a basis for making treatment decisions.


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Content Transfer Rules

Transferring information from articles published on the website is only permitted provided that the parts of the original text being transferred do not contain more than 1300 characters, in which case citing the source reference is mandatory; if the content of the website as a whole is transferred, it is mandatory to provide a link to the original text in case that an arrangement on different terms with the website’s editorial has not been reached.

The Right to Modify Content and Services

Krenizdravo.com reserves the right to change, terminate (temporarily or permanently) any content or services on the website without prior notice.

Links to Other Websites

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You use all portal content at your own risk and Krenizdravo.com can not be held liable for any possible damage resulting from the use.

Privacy Policy

Krenizdravo.com website respects the privacy of its users and website visitors. Registration data and other user data will not be disclosed to a third party by

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Krenizdravo.com undertakes to protect the privacy of the website user, except in the event of a serious violation of the website’s rules or illegal user activity.

Obligations of the User

Users of Krenizdravo.com website are strictly forbidden to:

  • publish, send, and exchange content that violates existing Croatian and/or international laws, content that is offensive, vulgar, threatening, racist or chauvinistic, and otherwise harmful
  • publish, send, and exchange information that a user knows or assumes is false and whose use could cause harm to other users
  • falsely present themselves, or present themselves on behalf of another legal or natural persons
  • manipulate identifiers in order to conceal the origin of the content that is published or sent via the Krenizdravo.com website service
  • publish, send, and share the copyrighted content
  • publish, send, and share unwanted content to users without their consent or request, or by means of deception
  • consciously publish, send, and share content that contains viruses or similar computer files or programs designed to destroy or restrict the operation of any computer software and/or hardware and telecommunications equipment
  • collect, store and publish personal information of other website users and visitors

Comment Rules

Comments posted on Krenizdravo.com website do not reflect the attitude of the owner and editorial staff, as well as the website users. The opinions published in the authors’ texts also do not necessarily represent the views of the editorial staff, hence we are not responsible for any damage caused to another user or third party for breach of these rules.

Terms of Use Changes

Krenizdravo.com reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time and will not be liable for the possible consequences of such changes. These changes will take effect upon publishing on these websites.