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A few words about the website

Krenizdravo.com is

a site devoted to promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We write about a range of diverse issues concerning health, nutrition, vitality, and similar subjects, but we also touch upon spirituality. We find the topic of meditation especially close to heart.

Healthy diet

is one topic that we tend to approach in earnest. You will find no shortage of new and exciting recipes, some of them written by our very own health and nutrition experts. All of the recipes focus on using fresh and healthy food products. Also, although we’re sorry to disappoint our meat-loving readers, all of the recipes are vegetarian.

If you come across something that will pique your interest and keep you intrigued or if you learn something new and useful about health, then we can say that our work here is done.

We strive to communicate interactively with our readers and we are happy to see your impressions, whether through comments in articles or via contact form.


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234 d.o.o.

Ribnjak 44, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

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